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Thomas J. Brown is a certified personal trainer and member of the National Sport Media Association, as well as the United States Mixed Martial Arts Federation. His work is often humorous and insightful, and always original.

Remembering A Bronx Tale: A movie full of quotes to live by

Why A Bronx Tale is my favorite movie ever set in New York City Last Thursday, I was sitting in my living room with a group of friends watching Brooklyn Nine-Nine, when my homeboy, Squid, posed the question “What’s your favorite TV show based in New York City?” Of course the usual names were tossed around by everyone in the room. Shows like Sex and the City, Seinfeld, Living Single, and NYPD Blue all made the list. On the next commercial break, Squid posed another intriguing question, “What’s y

The Return Of Vasyl Lomachenko And His Quest For Revenge

Vasyl Lomachenko has obsessed over a chance to get back in the ring with Teofimo Lopez. Ever since he lost the showdown between the two of them for the undisputed lightweight championship of the world, Lomachenko has vowed to get revenge. In fact, he is so preoccupied with avenging his loss, that he chose his next opponent Masayoshi Nakatani, simply because he’d gone the distance with Lopez before. The stated reasoning was that an impressive defeat of Nakatani would show the world that his skill

Sonny Liston - The Curious Case Of The Big Bear

During its heyday, Carthage was one of the most important empires in the Mediterranean world. Not only was it economically powerful and heavily involved in trade, but its military prowess was the stuff of legend. The renowned general Hannibal Barca hailed from the Carthaginian Empire. Unfortunately, most high school students will remember Carthage for losing the Punic Wars and eventually being absorbed into the Roman Empire. “To the victor go the spoils… ” Such is the tale of the great Sonny Li

A Conversation With Boston Area Legend Michael Culbert

Just last month, the boxing world lost a true icon, “Marvelous” Marvin Hagler. While Hagler will always be remembered as one of the fiercest middleweights of his era and a man whose approach to the sport exemplified everything to be desired in a fighter, there’s an aspect of his legacy that’s often overlooked. He hailed from Brockton, MA, a city of less than 100,000 located less than an hour from Boston. Over the years, the city has produced great talent and made a considerable contribution to

Julius Randle must Switch Numbers, Knicks must Retire Bernard King's 30

The New York Knicks are a .500 team on the verge of an NBA playoff birth. This time last year, that statement would have generated laughter. Now, under the guidance of coach Tom Thibodeau, the dream of returning to the playoffs for the first time since 2013 looks like an imminent reality. Outside of the new head coach, the man most responsible for the Knicks resurgence is 6’8″ power forward Julius Randle. Besides being a powerfully built force capable of banging bodies inside the paint, Randle

Israel Adesanya Must Determine The Next Move Of His Career

As a child, the worst part of freezing cold Chicago winters was the fact that we were stuck in the house. Unable to go to the courts to shoot hoops or even ride our bikes outside, my brother Marcus and I instead chose to pass time by playing hand after hand of Gin Rummy. One day when school was canceled due to a blizzard, my mother gave us each a dollar before she headed out the door to work. She told us that we could take a trip to the bodega down the street and get something for ourselves as

Jon Jones Is The Next Star In The UFC With Crossover Appeal

Every sport needs a transcendent athlete like Jon Jones. He’s the guy who casual fans name if a street reporter requests the name of a participant. If asked to name their favorite footballer, those who don’t follow the sport will almost always answer with Cristiano Ronaldo. Ask someone who’s never watched Wimbledon name their favorite tennis player and they’re sure to reply with Rafael Nadal or Serena Williams. For a long time, mixed martial arts’ transcendent athlete was Conor McGregor. He was

Steps for Joel Embiid to Become a Top 10 NBA Player

Year in and year out basketball fans anticipate the inevitable Top 50 lists of players published across various websites. These lists are normally released right before training camp. They have become a hot topic for debates in barbershops, sports bars, and living rooms. The most intensely scrutinized and debated portion of the list is always the top 10. This is a select group of players thought to be the best at their craft in the entire world. Inevitably there are always arguments about who wa

Top 10 Fights On Every Boxing Fans Wish List In 2021

Although the sport of boxing was tested like never before in 2020, those involved showed a level of resilience that should be applauded by fight fans around the world – we take a look at the top 10 fights on every boxing fan’s wish list for this year. Not only did the sport come back after COVID-19 was declared a global pandemic by the World Health Organization, but there were also some very memorable bouts between some of the biggest names in the sport. Even before the pandemic became official

The Columbus Crew SC Winning The MLS Cup Impacted The City

This is not your typical sports article. It’s certainly not the type of article anyone who’s familiar with my work has grown accustomed to, and I don’t know when the next time I’ll write something like this will be. Normally, I focus on sporting events, the athletes, coaches and teams involved in the actual games. However, the Columbus Crew Soccer Club’s Saturday night win over the Seattle Sounders Football Club in the MLS Cup had an impact that reaches far beyond sports. In the midst of econom